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Fee Schedule

Effective February 28, 2017. Current as of August 1, 2019.

Account Balancing Assistance (2 free/year) $25.00/hour
Account Re-opened Fee (within 60 days of closing) $15.00 each
ACH Origination Return Fee $35.00 each
ACH Return for Nonsufficient Funds $35.00 each
Additional Copies of Statement $5.00/statement
ATM Surcharge (non members only) $2.00 each
ATM/Check Card Transaction Fee (using non MACU ATMs) $1.00 each
ATM/Check/Visa Card Replacement Fee $10.00/card
Automatic Transfer from Overdraft Free
CarFax Report $34.99 each
Cashier Checks – one free per day $1.00 each
Check Cashing (Account Rules Apply) $10.00 each
Christmas Club Early Withdraw Fee $5.00 each
Copy of Share Draft (C.U. provided, internet is free) $10.00 each
Dormant Account Fee (no activity for 12 months) $5.00/month
Foreign Check Deposit Fee $25.00/check
GAP Insurance Policy (loan rules apply) $375.00 (as low as)
Garnishments & Tax Levies $25.00 each
Home Equity Application Fee (Variable) $125.00 each
Incoming/Outgoing Faxes $1.00/page
IRA Close Account Fee $25.00
IRA New Account Fee (based on account value) $5.00
IRA Yearly Maintenance Fee (based on account value) $10.00/year
Loan Application Fee (after 2 denials in 2 months) $15.00 each
Loan Late Payment Fee (10% of mo. pymt.) $50.00 max
Loan Processing Fee (2% of amt. borrowed) $150.00 max
Money Orders $1.00 each
Real Estate Loan Payoff Fee $25.00
Return Mail Fee $5.00/month
Return of Deposited Check – Business Accounts $25.00 each
Return of Deposited Check – Personal Accounts $10.00 each
Satisfaction of Mortgage Fee $50.00 each
Share Draft Returns for NSF $35.00 each
Share Draft/Check Printing Price May Vary
Stop Payment on Share Draft or ACH $15.00 each
Visa Balance Research Fee (minimum charge of 1hr.) $25/hour
Visa Credit Card International Service Assessment Fee 1% of trans. amt.
Visa Check Card Dispute – Chargeback $25.00 each
Visa Debit Card International Service Assessment Fee 1% of trans. amt.
Visa Late Payment Fee $25.00/month
Visa Returned Payment Fee $25.00/month
Visa Statement Copy Fee $5.00/statement
VSI Fee (applies to Automobiles, RVs, and Boats) $37.00/loan
Wire Transfers – International – Incoming $35.00 each
Wire Transfers – International – Outgoing $35.00 each
Wire Transfers – Domestic – Incoming $5.00 each
Wire Transfers – Domestic – Outgoing $15.00 each