New Online Credit Card Experience

Between May 19-22, our Visa Credit Card with uChoose Rewards platform will be undergoing a transformation! Managing your credit card online will be easier with our new updated system.

During this time, members will still be able to use their Visa Credit Cards; however, services such as limit increases, cash advances, and new card issuing will be paused. Credit cards will also disappear from your online banking for these few days. The call center for lost/stolen will still be available, and fraud monitoring will still occur.  All services are expected to be fully functional on May 23 with a new and improved platform for you to manage your Millstream Visa Credit Card with uChoose Rewards.  

We are constantly trying to improve our member experience to offer the most convenient options for managing your finances. We look forward to having our new online banking platform fully integrated with our credit card platform at the end of the maintenance period!