Millstream Area Credit Union is proud to help you welcome the newest member of your family! Now's the time to get both you and your baby started right, financially.

With cradles and cuddles come the inevitable... cost. Of course, the joy of having a child outweighs any cost, but stretching your budget can be a challenge of its own. With a little planning, you can be ready for anything that comes your way!

With services like Kids Club Savings, you can teach your kiddos the value of savings. It's also never too early to start planning for your child's future, you can start building their college fund with a certificate that will mature as they do!

Need some extra room for your new passenger? Millstream Area CU auto loans offer low rates, flexible terms, and payments that fit your family. And because we know your hands will be full, current Millstream members can even complete the entire loan process without ever leaving home! 

Labor-free Auto Loans