• We strive to keep our rates competitive
  • See a current listing
  • Check back for updates
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Wire Transfers

  • A quick and reliable way to transfer money
  • Send money to accounts at a different financial institution
  • Available almost immediately
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Fee Schedule

  • See a transparent list of common fees we charge
  • Includes fees for checking, loans, and more
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Routing Number

The routing number for Millstream Area Credit Union is 241278662. See where you can find it on your checks.

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Forms & Applications

Here are some common forms and applications — available in PDF format for your convenience.

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How To Videos

  • Create your online banking account
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Make loan payments
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Financial Calculators

  • Plan your financial future
  • Loan calculator
  • Savings calculator, and more
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Switch to Millstream Area CU

Download this helpful form to switch your accounts to Millstream Area Credit Union.

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